The Waypoint is Coming Soon
Monitor your data, even when your system is on the go. The Waypoint communication gateway, powered by the Optio3 Sentinel, is perfect for commercial trucks, boats and other mobile applications.
Works seamlessly with any IPN compatible Blue Sky Energy Solar Charge Controller to give you instant data about the health of your system.
Local Storage and secure data transport to the Optio3 cloud, keeping your data safe and easily accesible from wherever you are.
Secure, reliable, and scalable data extraction from multiple systems, including Blue Sky Energy IPN, Wifi, Bluetooth, RJ45, RS-485, RS-232 and CAN bus.
Gives you instant data about the health of your system. Monitor duty cycles, uptime, and on-board data with robust notification capabilities so you will always have your finger on the pulse.
The Optio3 Sentinel Operations Management solution gives you access to advanced analytics and data exploration capabilities, giving you a comprehensive view of trends in your data.


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