Power + Efficiency + Reliability. Down to a Science.

Compact. Efficient. Tough as Nails.

Lightweight and durable, our Genasun brand MPPT solar charge controllers are great for mobile, urban, or harsh environmental conditions.  From the South Pacific to the Arctic Circle, they power your system through all conditions.

Reliable. Flexible. Connected.

Perfect for RVs, PV street lighting, or multi-controller systems, our Blue Sky Energy brand MPPT are user customizable, networkable, and web-accessible, offering loads of data about your system from anywhere you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Sunforge LLC?

Genasun and Blue Sky Energy joined forces in 2014 to create Sunforge and provide their customers a complete line of solar charge controllers.  Genasun LLC remains a separate entity to serve its lithium battery customers.

Does the Genasun/Blue Sky Energy merger change my current collaboration as a Dealer/Distributor or bulk purchase customer?

Not at all!  As a long term customer, you have the same relationship you have always had with Genasun or Blue Sky Energy.

I'm a Blue Sky Energy Dealer, can I start promoting Genasun controllers (and vice versa)?

Yes, and we hope you do!  Please be in touch with us at for more information, price lists, and support!

What is the advantage of selling both brands?

Genasun and Blue Sky Energy's product lines dovetail perfectly to create a continuous range of solar charge controllers serving installations from watts to kilowatts.  Now as a customer, you can turn to one company for almost any off-grid solar application.  Genasun's controllers are lightweight and efficient and suit their smaller applications perfectly.  Blue Sky Energy controllers are networked and feature rich, enabling larger systems and more complex applications like solar lighting and remote monitoring.

As Dealer/Distributor, can I offer only one brand?

It is OK to offer only one of the Genasun and Blue Sky Energy brands, but we hope that you'll consider offering both!


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