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Genasun Overdrive (GO)
for GV-5 and GV-5-MOD

  It is now available, for all GV-5 and GV-5-MOD controllers, the new Genasun Overdrive (GO) feature. This feature can be included in the firmware with the Custom Voltage (CV) version, part numbers GV-5-Pb-CV, GV-5-Li-CV, and GV-5-MOD-CV. This feature is in addition to all the other Genasun capabilities that make the GV-5/-MOD unique products in […]

How to program BSE charge controllers for LiFePO4 batteries

  In this article, we’ll explain how to program your Blue Sky Energy solar charge controller for use with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. First of all, we strongly recommend asking for specifications and/or the recommended charge profile from the manufacturer. If manufacturer specifications are unavailable, the charge profile below is compatible with most 4S […]

Off the grid and purifying water for 1000 in Haiti

Sunforge supports New Life International (NLI) in its mission to provide clean water where it is needed most.

How One Man Uses Solar Engineering to Defy Human Limits

Olivier Coste treks across deserts with the help of his trusty solar cart. Find out about how Genasun’s GVB-8 controllers are crucial to his journey.

Genasun Class 1 Division 2 Charge Controllers

Learn more about Genasun’s Class 1 Division 2 Charge Controllers

Lia Ditton Pushes Onward: Solo Row Across the Pacific

Learn more about Lia Ditton’s solo row across the pacific.

Buck vs. Boost

Learn more about the differences between buck and boost solar charge controllers.

Sweet Boondocking!

Stay off-grid as long as you want while the Blue Sky Energy SB-RVK(-S) kit takes care of your power needs.

Drive 10 more miles per day, for free, with the power of the Sun!

Drive 10 more miles per day, for free, with the power of the Sun!

Battery Basics: LiFePO4 Cells

Learn about LiFePO4 cells and how to choose the correct charge voltage.

Battery Basics: Li-ion Cells

Learn about Li-ion cells and how to choose the correct charge voltage.

Solar for your boat: thoughts on efficient system design.

Solar power at sea is reliable and beats relying on your engine when the sails are full. Maximize the effectiveness of your panels by giving each of them their own controller.