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Compact. Efficient. Tough as Nails.
Lightweight and durable, our Genasun brand MPPT solar charge controllers are great for mobile, urban, or harsh environmental conditions. From the South Pacific to the Arctic Circle, they power your system through all conditions.
Genasun's C1D2 certified controllers are designed to perform in hazardous locations such as this oil rig mining site.

Safety Guaranteed.

Genasun’s Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) certified controllers are designed for performance in hazardous locations where explosive gases and vapors may be present but are contained under normal conditions.

  • ETL certified C1D2, T3 (temperatures up to 200°C)
  • Maximize charging with the fastest MPPT
  • Robust and reliable with up to 10 year warranty
    • Industries:
    • Telecommunications
    • Manufacturing
    • Oil & gas
    • Remote monitoring & sensing
    • SCADA RTUs
    • Security
    FCC approved low EMI Genasun mppt solar charge controllers perfect for ham radio
    Movistar sponsored solar sailboat powered by Genasun mppt solar charge controllers in ocean

    Sail away.

    Leave shore power behind and explore with your batteries fully charged. With Genasun powering the way, critical systems will have power through the long haul. Our products were born on the sea and continue to provide reliable, efficient charging no matter where the winds take you.

    FCC approved low EMI Genasun mppt solar charge controllers perfect for ham radio

    Hear a pin drop.

    With our FCC-rated, low EMI controllers, your radios will hear everything the first time, even while your chargers are going full speed ahead. We deliver reliable, high efficiency charging without disrupting your communications or other sensing equipment. Yes, it's really on.

    FCC approved low EMI Genasun mppt solar charge controllers perfect for ham radio
    Genasun controllers attached to solar panels in snowy Arctic, suitable for harsh weather conditions with C1D2 classification

    That's harsh.

    Whether you need power in the Arctic circle or a desert oil field, Genasun controllers will get the job done. Our state of the art controllers can keep your lithium or lead acid batteries topped up in even the harshest climates, and our Class I Division 2 classification means even hazardous environmental conditions won't stand in the way of keeping your systems running.

    Run your golf carts longer, with less maintenance using solar.

    The Genasun GVB-8-WP is specifically designed for adding solar panels to a golf cart. Providing the ability to use lower voltage (6V to 24V) solar panels with 36V or 48V batteries, the GVB-8-WP is the industry's most efficient voltage-boosting solar charge controller. With a powerful panel and sunshine, you will be able to drive up to 10+ miles per day on the sun. You may never need to plug your cart in!

    Genasun Products

    Small, critically efficient, and cost effective, the GV-4 gets more from every panel.
    • 99.85% peak efficiency
    • High-speed MPPT
    • Advanced electronic protection
    • Tiny self-consumption (0.12mA)
    The original Ceramic Drive solar charge controller. When reliability and up-time are paramount, this is your controller.
    • 99.85% Peak Efficiency
    • Electrolytic-Free, Ceramic Capacitors
    • Doesn't wear out from heat
    • High-Speed MPPT
    • Lithium and lead-acid compatible
    The most advanced solar charge controller on the market for OEM/Embedded applications with plug&play pin-header connector.
    • Two Selectable Charge Profiles
    • Electrolytic-Free, Ceramic Capacitors
    • Ultra-fast true MPP Tracking
    • Plug&Play for easy installation
    • Lithium and lead-acid compatible
    The ultra high-speed MPPT in the GV-10 is so effective it reduces your system cost per Watt.
    • 98.3% peak efficiency
    • High-speed MPPT
    • Advanced electronic protection
    • Tiny self-consumption (0.12mA)
    • Lithium and lead-acid compatible
    GVB-8 (Boost)
    These controllers boost lower-voltage solar panels up to charge higher voltage lithium batteries up to 48V nominal
    • 99% Peak Efficiency
    • Continuous MPPT
    • Advanced electronic protections
    • 5-Year Warranty
    • Lithium and lead-acid compatible
    GVB-8-WP (Boost)
    These waterproof controllers boost lower-voltage solar panels up to charge 36V or 48V nominal lead-acid batteries.
    • 99% Peak Efficiency
    • Waterproof IP68
    • Advanced electronic protections
    • Continuous MPPT
    • Lithium and lead-acid compatible


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