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Reliable. Flexible. Connected.
Perfect for RVs, PV street lighting, or multi-controller systems, our Blue Sky Energy brand MPPT controllers are user customizable, networkable and web-accessible, offering loads of data about your system, from anywhere you are.

Get on the road. Or off it.

With a Blue Sky Energy charge controller, you can forget about plugging in for a while and run your systems on the Sun. We keep your house batteries charged, wear and tear off your alternator, and your battery life healthy. Super reliable, full featured, and made for both recreational and enterprise mobile applications, our controllers will keep your power on no matter how far you choose to explore off the beaten path.

Data. Driven.

Our robust data network allows multiple controllers to work on the same system, and can also report dozens of data points in real time about your system's performance. Data is important, so we provide a full system picture to help you right-size and optimize your off-grid deployments, wherever they are.

Light the Way.

The solar street lighting industry relies on Blue Sky Energy controllers to keep the lights on all over the world. Our controllers learn as they go and adapt to seasonal changes and adverse conditions without any help. You can depend on our products to keep the lights on for you.

Blue Sky Energy Controllers

MPPT Charge Controller and Remote Display kit
Solar Boost 1524iX
Affordable, reliable, and ready to work!
  • Second battery output and IPN connector for remote display
  • Can manage a 20A at 12V load output for small off-grid electrification applications
  • Ideal for PV street lighting with its dusk-to-dawn load control
Solar Boost 2512i(X)-HV
Our most affordable MPPT controller available for off-grid electrification
  • Auxillary output for charging a second battery on SB2512iX-HV model
  • Provides dusk to dawn load control when programmed with an IPN Pro Remote
  • 96% peak efficiency
Solar Boost 3024(D)iL
Highly versatile, highly reliable, and available for custom OEM applications.
  • Handles up to 800W power at 24V
  • Ideal for RV and marine applications
  • Manages up to 20A load output for off-grid electrification or telecommunication systems.
Solar Boost 3024(D)iL-DUO
Perfect for hybrid applications!
  • Converts the auxiliary output into a 20A Diversion type PWM charge controller.
  • Ideal for hybrid applications (wind or hydro)
  • Can operate as a single coordinated charge control system fed by multiple power sources
Solar Boost 3000i
Compact, reliable, and fully programmable
  • LED display for full programming
  • Handles up to 400W with a 36-cell PV panel
  • Can communicate with other Blue Sky Energy controllers
Sun Charger 30
A perfect entry-level controller!
  • 99% peak efficiency
  • Our most affordable and basic PWM charge controller for a wide range of applications
  • LED display for full programming
  • Multi-stage charging battery

Blue Sky Energy Accessories

IPN Remote
  • Bright LED display
  • Control up to 8 controllers
  • Monitoring data for single controller or total system data
IPN ProRemote (-S)
Monitoring and Settings
  • Three buttons for setting
  • Bright LCD display
  • Control up to 8 controllers
  • Multi-stage charging battery
  • Monitoring data for single controller or total system data
Universal Communication Module
Compact, reliable, and fully programmable
  • HTTP web site for data view, parameter setup and data file download
  • Periodic HTTP data upload
  • 128 days data-logging available as downloadable Excel file
  • Compatibility with Blue Sky Charge controllers, IPN network, and IPN remote display
Transportation Operations Management System
  • Advanced analytics and data exploration capabilities
  • Secure, reliable, and scalable data extraction from multiple systems
  • Local storage and Secure data transport to the Optio3 cloud


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