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Lia Ditton Pushes Onward: Solo Row Across the Pacific

“Usually I stare at the monster waves, to study and anticipate their impact, to try and will them into submission. I run towards fear.”
– WHERE THE WILD THINGS LIVE, Lia Ditton. July 11, 2020.

Lia Ditton is a force of nature. At 40 years old, she’s logged over 150,000 nautical miles—equivalent to 8 laps around the earth—and has competed in some of the world’s most challenging races. A woman of many talents, Lia is also an author, artist, sportswoman, and educator. She’ll soon start her quest to be the first woman to ever row solo across the North Pacific Ocean, from Japan to San Francisco.

On June 17, 2020, Lia set out to solo row on a training trip and record-setting attempt from San Francisco to Hawai’i. In the month she’s been at sea, she’s overcome winds and currents that dragged her off course, a potentially life-threatening capsize, and the heartbreaking loss of a friend and fellow rower, Angela Madsen

Despite all this, Lia soldiers on. Her 21-foot solar boat is equipped with one Genasun GV-10 and five Genasun GVB-8 MPPT charge controllers. These allow Lia to continue powering her bilge pumps and satellite communications systems, giving her a lifeline back home. After her capsize, Lia worried about losing solar power due to water damage, but thankfully the Genasun controllers kept steady—and so did her spirit. We’re honored to help in powering her journey.

Follow Lia Ditton’s expedition on her website,, Facebook, and Twitter.

Lia Ditton selfie in solar boat on Pacific Ocean

Photo: Lia Ditton

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