30A/40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Starting at $290

  • 97% Peak Efficiency
  • MPPT Technology
  • Multi-stage charging battery
  • PV array overload protection
  • Reverse battery and panel protection
  • Load output (LVD)
  • IPN for network and remote display
  • Lithium compatible
  • ETL certified, CE, RoHS, FCC compliant
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Great for mid-sized systems, the SB3024 charge controller family, featuring our patented MPPT technology, handles up to 800 W of PV power when charging at 24V. This controller is ideal for RVs and Marine applications with its auxiliary output for charging a second battery and can utilize a remote display with its IPN connectivity. The SB3024iL will manage up to a 20A DC load output. When programmed with the IPN ProRemote, BT Connect, or UCM, it can be used for PV street lighting, utilizing its smart dusk-to-dawn load control feature. Its IPN Network interface can communicate with other Blue Sky Energy charge controllers as a single charging system, allowing increased flexibility and optimization in system design.

OPTIONAL: The DUO Option upgrade allows an SB3024iL-DUO to provide PWM charge control for hydroelectric, wind, or similar DC generators that require diversion-type charge control while at the same time providing MPPT charge control for the main PV system.

SB3024iL programmed for 12/24V Lead Acid or 4S/8S LiFePO4 batteries(*)
SB3024iL-DUO programmed with DUO option(*)

(*) programmable for different types of batteries with IPN ProRemote display, UCM, BT Connect, or ProTouch display.

1. 36-cell panels are typically referred to as “12V panels” providing Vmp/Voc of ~18V/22V at STC, 60-cell panels refers to "20V panels" (Vmp/Voc ~30V/37V), 72-cell panels refers to "24V panels" (Vmp/Voc ~36V/44V).
2. Factory default voltages unless programmed with an IPN ProRemote display, BT Connect, ProTouch, or UCM.
SpecificationSB3024(D)iL @12VSB3024(D)iL @24V
Maximum PV Power:1540W with 36-cell PV panel
400W with 60/72-cell PV panel
800W with 72-cell PV panel
Rated Battery (Output) Current:140A with 36-cell PV panel
30A with 60/72-cell PV panel
30A with 72-cell PV panel
Conversion Efficiency:97% (typical @28V/24A output)97% (typical @28V/24A output)
Power Consumption:0.35W (typical standby)0.35W (typical standby)
Recommended Max Panel Voc at STC:45.6V (Max Panel Input 57V) 45.6V (Max Panel Input 57V)
Battery Type:2Lead Acid (default) or LiFePO4 (set by microswitch) Lead Acid (default) or LiFePO4 (set by microswitch)
Charge Profile:Multi-Stage
(plus Equalization if enabled)
(plus Equalization if enabled)
Absorption Voltage:214.4V28.8V
Float Voltage:213.2V26.4V
Equalization Voltage (if enabled):215.2V30.4V
Auxiliary Output:A) Auxiliary Battery Charge 2A (2nd battery)
B) Load Control w/ LVD
C) Dusk-to-Dawn w/ LVD (by IPN Remote, BT Connect)
A) Auxiliary Battery Charge 2A (2nd battery)
B) Load Control w/ LVD
C) Dusk-to-Dawn w/ LVD (by IPN Remote, BT Connect)
Load (LVD) Disconnect/Reconnect Voltage:211.5V / 12.6V 23.0V / 25.2V
Maximum Auxiliary Output Current (B or C):20A 20A
Display:Only version SB3024DiL or w/ remote display Only version SB3024DiL or w/ remote display
Temperature Compensation (by optional Battery Temperature Sensor): -5.00mV/°C/cell correct factor
(range 0.00mV/°C/cell to -8.00mV/°C/cell)
-5.00mV/°C/cell correct factor
(range 0.00mV/°C/cell to -8.00mV/°C/cell)
Operating Temperature:-40°C - 40°C -40°C - 40°C
Maximum Full Power Ambient:40°C 40°C
Environmental Protection:IP20IP20
Weight:3.95lb (1.8kg) 3.95lb (1.8kg)
Dimensions:6.86" x 6.6" x 3.38"
(17.4cm x 16.8cm x 8.6cm)
6.86" x 6.6" x 3.38"
(17.4cm x 16.8cm x 8.6cm)
Warranty:5 years5 years

SB3024iL Duo Tutorial

SB3024iL Basic Settings

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40A/30A charge current, 12/24V Lead Acid or LiFePO4 batteries, Auxiliary Outputs, and IPN Network capability


SB3024iL with DUO-Option feature


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