IPN ProRemote
Monitoring & Settings

IPN ProRemote without current shunt, IPN ProRemote-S with current shunt

  • Bright LCD display
  • Three buttons for setting
  • Programming Load Output of charge controller
  • Control up to 8 controllers
  • Monitoring data for single controller or total system data
  • IPN compatibility with SB1524iX, SB2512i(X)-HV, SB3024iL(D)iL in network, and SB3000i
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IPN ProRemote(-S) combines full-featured monitoring for both your charge controllers and your battery system with a bright, easy to use LCD display. Peace of mind comes from accurate information regarding your system battery life, which accounts for many factors including charge/discharge current, the type and size of your battery, temperature, and how the battery was brought to full charge. And a larger system is no problem, as each IPN ProRemote can monitor up to eight (8) charge controllers on a single IPN network. Want to hook up a new panel or battery type? Change your system settings quickly and easily directly through the IPN ProRemote display. Users can change a wide variety of settings, including voltage thresholds, auxiliary outputs, or dusk-to-dawn lighting control.
IPN ProRemote | IPN ProRemote-S
Power Consumption 0.25W (typical standby), 1.0W backlit ON
Battery Ammeter Accuracy +/- 1% FS/Range +/- 773.3A FS
Battery Size 20 - 10,000 Amp-hours
Amp-Hours from Full 0 - 16,383 Amp-hours
Full Charge Determination Automatically matched to IPN setup
Remaining Battery Capacity 0-100% in 1% increments, self discharge rate and self tuning charge efficiency. Temperature compensated.
Lifetime Battery Ah 0 - 9,999,999 Amp-hours
Total Charge Amp-Hours 0 - 16,383 Amp-hours, user resetable
Days since Full Charge 0 - 255 Days
Days since Full Equalize 0 - 255 Days
Backlit Can be set to ON, OFF or AUTO
Communication and Cabling Communication via 25' (7.6m) RJ-11 4-pin telephone cable provided
Current Shunt (version IPN ProRemote-S) 500A/50V Current Shunt via twisted pair cable. Amp. 500, MV 50, Ohms 0.0001
Operating Temperature -40°C - 40°C
Weight 0.35 lb. (160 g)
Dimensions 4.43x4.43x1.38" (11.2x11.2x3.5cm)
Warranty 5 years