Universal Communication Module

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  • Standard Modbus RTU via RS485 and Modbus/IP
  • TCP/IP connection and embedded Ethernet HTTP website server
  • Resists corrosion with conformal coating
  • Periodic HTTP data upload to remote server
  • 128 days of system Performance data logging available as downloadable Excel file
  • The datalog file provides all the information received from IPN display network (IPN ProRemote or IPN Remote)
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Universal Communication Module (UCM) with RJ-11 and RS-485 ports and TCP/IP Ethernet on Modbus protocol. Gateway and Datalogger, built-in WebServer, FTP, and Remote access via port forwarding.

Power Consumption0.9W provided by charge controller
IPN Network RJ-11 Phone jack, 7" (2.1m) 4-wire swap cable
Ethernet Standard Ethernet TCP/IP 10Mbps, RJ-45 connector 3' (0.9m)
Modbus Standard Modbus RTU, slave address 1-247 via RS-485 or Modbus/IP
FTP Upload Up to 33 key performance parameters for up to 128 days. Data log downloadable on Excel file.
HTTP Web Site Driver Delivers HTTP website for data view, parameter setup and data log file download to two locations simultaneously. Website via router or LAN. Directly connect to PC via CAT5 crossover cable
Datalogging Communication via 4-pin telephone cable length to 500' (152m). Current shunt via twisted pair cable length to 300' (91m) Datalog includes Min & Max bat voltage, Time in Accp & Float, Max bat discharge current, Min & Max bat AH from full, Max total PV output current, Total PV output AH. Plus for each individual controller, Max PV voltage, Max PV output current, and Total PV output Ah.
Operating Temperature -40°C - 50°C
Environmental Protection IP30
Weight 0.39lb (178g)
Dimensions6.0" x 3.6" x 1.6" (15.2cm x 9.1cm x 4.0cm)
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Universal Communication Module, RJ-11, RS-485, TCP/IP Ethernet on Modbus protocol


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