10.5A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Starting at $105

  • Made in USA
  • 12V, 140W (see specs)
  • Lead-acid, lithium batteries
  • >97% typical electrical efficiency
  • Automatic equalization (for flooded batteries)
  • High-speed MPPT
  • Advanced electronic protections
  • Tiny self-consumption (0.9mA)
  • IP40
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • ETL, C1D2, CE, FCC, and RoHS
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A Perfect Match for your Panel

With continuous, high-speed Maximum Power Point Tracking, night consumption of only 0.9mA, and typical electrical efficiency greater than 97%, the GV-10 delivers.

Wide Power Band

Efficiency matters.  Many controllers are designed simply to not burn up at high power levels, with no attention to efficiency in low light.  At Genasun, we understand that a watt-hour collected during bad weather is worth even more than a watt-hour collected on a sunny day.  We tuned our power conversion circuitry to maintain high efficiency over the full range of power levels.  Whereas other controllers may charge with efficiencies as low as 80% or worse in low light, the GV-10 maintains greater than 96% efficiency while operating at only 10% of its rated input.  When other controllers have given up and are draining your battery, the GV-10 will still be charging.  

Mission-Critical Reliability

Genasun controllers are deployed to the most remote locations on earth. They endure years at sea, harsh Antarctic winters, freezing conditions in the upper atmosphere on solar powered airplanes, and in a few off-the-map locations. Made in the USA, each controller is put through complete electrical testing to ensure reliability. If you need mission-critical power, this is your controller.

High-Speed MPPT: Always on Target

Not all Maximum Power Point Tracking controllers were created equal. Most use a “sweep and sleep” method that scans every 30-60 seconds. That’s okay for a clear day, but traditional controllers are constantly off target when used on vehicles or in changing cloud conditions – exactly when power is scarce and is needed the most. Genasun controllers adapt to changing light conditions 15 times every second. They are always on target, capturing every bit of available sunshine. Simply put, other controllers can’t keep up.

Tailored Lithium Charging Profiles Available

Our Lithium charging algorithms draw from a decade of experience building lithium battery packs for harsh environments. We’ve worked with every chemistry and have tailored charge profiles to help you get more capacity and cycle life from your battery pack.

Custom Voltages Available

Genasun stocks the GV-10 for lead-acid batteries and for a variety of Lithium chemistries and cell configurations. A custom charge profile can be programmed at the factory to match the specs of your lead-acid or Li battery. To order a Custom Voltage controller, hit the “Choose Options” button next to the GV-10-Pb-CV or GV-10-Li-CV SKU below, and select the custom voltages from the drop-down menu. Further options and bulk discounts are available by special order.

Surviving the Storm with Low Power Burn

Every controller uses power. While a typical charge controller burns 5-25mA, the Genasun GV-10 burns a scant 0.9mA in standby. That slow burn is perfect for waiting out a snow-covered panel, or a few bad weeks of clouds.

Partial Shade – In-City Applications

Genasun controllers shine in partial shade. The 50% power increase from Genasun’s advanced MPPT is often enough to prevent system downtime from partial shade. From antennas and sailboat rigging, to street signs and tree branches, to coffee cups and stickers placed on panels by pedestrians, Genasun MPPT keeps partially shaded solar panels generating more power than any other controller.

Radio Silence

Most MPPT solar charge controllers broadcast Radio Frequency noise from the DC/DC conversion circuit. Unfiltered inputs and outputs waste energy and interfere with nearby or attached electronics. Genasun worked to eliminated RF emissions from our line of charge controllers. During third-party testing for FCC compliance for one of our controllers, the test engineer asked us, “Is it on?”. Mission accomplished.

No Fans. No Relays.

Fans get clogged with dust and dirt. Relays eventually stop switching. Genasun controllers use advanced electrical design that obsoletes these parts. With no moving parts to wear out, Genasun controllers outlast the competition.

Fault Tolerance

The Genasun GV-10 is protected against common faults that may occur in off-grid systems, such as a reversed solar panel or battery, high temperatures, or overload.  And if something does go wrong, the GV-10 has an internal, user-replaceable, automotive-style fuse.

Available in Bulk for OEM Applications

While the GV-10 ships in individual packaging by default, we can also ship in bulk packs of 50 for OEM volume applications.  Bulk packs minimize packaging waste, labor, and shelf space requirements. Please contact us for more information.

1: Panel Isc. Max input power and max input voltage requirements must also be respected.
2: Max current that the controller could draw from an unlimited source. This specification is not intended for determining PV input.
3: Max ambient temperature for full operating power.
4: If the battery voltage drops below this point, the controller will attempt to run an absorption cycle. Otherwise, it will charge to the float voltage.

All SKUs

1: Panel Isc. Max input power and max input voltage requirements must also be respected.
2: Max current that the controller could draw from an unlimited source. This specification is not intended for determining PV input.
3: Max ambient temperature for full operating power.

SKU Description Price Quantity

For 12V lead-acid batteries


For lead-acid batteries with custom charge profile

SKU Description Price Quantity

For 11.1V (3S) Li-ion LiPo/LiCoO2 batteries


For 12V (4S) LiFePO4 batteries


For 14.8V (4S) Li-ion LiPo/LiCoO2 batteries


For lithium batteries with custom charge profile


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